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Buddha Statue


"Do you have the patience to wait

Till your mud settles and the water is clear?

Can you remain unmoving till the right action

Arises by itself?"

Meditation has many  physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits. By connecting to ourselves and  the stillness and silence that rests within, we can step into our power and become calm, clear, connected, and balanced. 

Join Jennifer on the first Thursday of every month. These monthly workshops will include guided meditations and discussions of meditation techniques including ancient teachings as well as recent science and evidence based information.  Practical tools and tips will also be offered to continue your practice.

Meditation and Movement
Thursday, 4/13/23

This class will focus on gentle mindful movement with awareness of our breath to reduce tension, promote relaxation and develop body awareness.  We will use the chair as a prop and complete our practice with a body scan meditation. Option to bring a mat and/or blanket.

Hand Mudras and Meditation
Thursday, 5/11/23

Hand mudras are hand gestures that can intensify the effects of our meditation practice, quiet the mind and enhance the flow of energy. Mudra may translate as seal, or gesture in Sanskrit.  We will explore several mudras and their meaning, and there will be  guided meditation.

Meditation Topic Coming Soon!
Thursday, 6/1/23

Description coming soon!

Jennifer Dwyer
Davidji Certified Masters of Wisdom Meditation Teacher and
Level II Reiki Student-Practitioner

“My mission is to teach meditation and stress management in a safe, supportive, and compassionate environment. I'm very excited to lead this series and hope you can join me. The classes are open to everyone, including those who have never meditated and just curious, to experienced meditators and healers!”   


You can find out more about Jennifer by visiting our About Us page.

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