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Okuden: Level II Practicum


$200 or Free with Training


12 Weeks (approx.)

About this Training:

The Okuden: Level II Practicum is an invaluable part of the level II training that includes hands-on practice and mentorship components. The purpose of this practicum is to provide students with the opportunity to work directly with other practitioners and clients in order to gain experience and build confidence while developing the skills they need for a successful Reiki practice.

Level II Reiki practitioners, attuned and certified through another program, who are looking for a little more support or guidance as they continue on their Reiki journey, are welcome to register for this practicum after scheduling the Okuden Training Consultation with Ana. All Fire and Spirit Level II student-practitioners are automatically enrolled in this practicum and are encouraged to complete the following activities prior to the final class:

3 Guided Reiki Sessions: Each student will work side-by-side with the Reiki Master Teacher in providing Reiki sessions to clients. Students will gain experience in:

  1. Booking appointments

  2. Preparing and clearing the space

  3. Consultation: explain Reiki process, expectations, answer questions, etc...

  4. Giving full Reiki sessions (Chair, Table, and Distant), using techniques learned in class

  5. Post-Treatment Care

20 Hours of Practice: This is where students will be able to connect with clients, find their own style, and build confidence in giving Reiki sessions. It is encouraged that students practice regularly and as often as possible. Student Practitioners will have the option to utilize the space and equipment at Fire and Spirit at a discounted hourly rate.

Lead a Reiki Share: Level II students should attend at least three Level II Reiki shares (in addition to the open shares) but are welcome and encouraged to attend as many as possible. With the guidance of the Reiki Master Teacher, student-practitioners will have the opportunity to lead their own share and Reiki meditation. Students may use the space provided by Fire and Spirit or another space of their choosing.

Community Service: Students will be given opportunities to work with Fire and Spirit in providing Reiki to local community organizations (Group settings/Clinic style treatments). They will also have the option to work with each other or independently to find and contact a local organization of their choice (ex: animal rescue, veterans association, senior home, low income/inner city communities, etc.). Fire and Spirit will assist them in creating a plan and arranging visits. Although participation is highly recommended, there is no requirement for community service.

There will be additional workshops and opportunities offered throughout the practicum for students to practice techniques and gain valuable experience.

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