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Okuden: Level II Practicum


($200 with Training)


12 Weeks (approx.)

About this Training:

The Okuden: Level II Practicum has been an invaluable part of the level II training that includes hands-on practice and mentorship components. The purpose of this practicum is to provide you the opportunity to work directly with other practitioners and clients in order to gain experience and build confidence while developing the skills you need for a successful Reiki practice.

If you are already a certified Level II Reiki practitioner and would like to take advantage of this opportunity, book the Okuden: Level II Practicum Orientation with Ana to begin the process.

What is included with this practicum (100 hour time investment):

3 Guided Reiki Sessions (20 hours): You will observe 3 Reiki sessions from consultation to post-treatment care and will be guided by the Reiki Master Teacher in offering sessions to other practitioners and volunteer clients. During these guided sessions, you will gain experience in:

  1. Booking appointments

  2. Preparing your Reiki space

  3. New Client Consultations

  4. Giving full Reiki sessions (In-person and Remote)

  5. Using Level II techniques and symbols in a session

  6. Post-Treatment Care

Practice (65 hours): During practice hours, you will deepen your connection with Reiki, share it with others, find your own style, and build confidence in giving Reiki sessions in a professional setting. Continuted daily self-practice and treatments (30 minutes/ day) as well as at least 20 hours of practice with others is expected. You will have the option to utilize the space and equipment at Fire and Spirit at a discounted hourly rate. Ana will also match you with volunteer clients, if needed to complete your 20 hours.

3 Level II Shares/ Circles (6 hours total): Attend at least three Level II Reiki shares (in addition to the open shares) where you will practice more advanced meditations and techniques in a closed group setting.

Lead a Reiki Share (4 hours): With Ana's guidance, you will have the opportunity to lead your own Reiki share/ circle. Space will be provided by Fire and Spirit or you can choose a space of your own.

Community Service (Ongoing - hours are not tracked): You will have the option to work with other practitioners, or independently, to find and contact a local organization of your choice (ex: animal rescue, veterans association, senior home, low income/inner city communities, etc.). Fire and Spirit will assist you in creating a plan and arranging visits. Although participation is highly recommended, there is no requirement for community service.

Mentorship (5 hours):

Throughout the practicum, Ana will be available for one-on-one talks, she will schedule open discussion and meeting times to check in with your progress, and offer guidance when needed.

There will be additional workshops and opportunities offered throughout the practicum for students to practice techniques and gain valuable experience.

All student-practitioners will have access to and need to be active members of the online Fire and Spirit Reiki Forum as this is the main mode of communication regarding sessions and upcoming events.

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