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Kimberly Pierce

Ki Collective Retreat Facilitator

Kimberly Pierce is a Psychic Medium, Crystal Practitioner, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, and Founder of Spirit & Stone Healing Arts.

She believes it’s possible for everyone to connect with spirit and to enhance their intuition, and it’s her passion to help people tap into their own higher guidance. 

Outside of her divination and energy healing work, she serves as a mentor for LGBTQ+ employees and supports women in STEM initiatives at her day job. She lives in Beacon, NY with her partner and dog, and is a jewelry artist in her free time. 

Cultivating Mindful Sight, a workshop for deepening your experience of vision, is designed to get you focusing on your sense of sight and the visual cues that often go unnoticed in daily life. The workshop is structured as three activities: the first to find your base level of visual perception, the second to actively focus your visual attention, and the third to reset your visual baseline. Optional journal prompts will be available for each activity to help you integrate your experiences.

All activities are designed for as little or as much physical movement as desired and can accommodate all levels of mobility. Participants will have the option to stand, move, or to sit for the duration of the workshop.

Kimberly Pierce
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