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About Us

Hi and welcome to Fire and Spirit! We are so grateful you decided to stop by and let us be a part of your journey. Fire and Spirit was created with the intention to provide a safe, comfortable space where all are welcome to explore and experience the full benefits of energy healing and intuitive development. You've come to the right place if you're looking to relax with a Reiki session, connect with others at shares and workshops, or deepen your own personal practice through our training and mentorship programs.

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Just for Today...

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be grateful & humble

Work with diligence & honesty

Be kind to all

Fire and Spirit was established by Ana in 2019 and has developed into a small community. As we continue to grow, we welcome other practitioners, energy healers, readers, and teachers to partner with us in building a community that not only supports but creates an environment of healing, peace, compassion, and joy. We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to meet and connect with others who share similar interests as well as a passion for serving and helping others. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned practitioner, we'd love to hear from you!


Meet The Team

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Ana Mendez
Owner of Fire and Spirit
Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Reiki Master, 
Intuitive Reader, Tarot Advisor, Intuitive Development Teacher and Mentor

Ana established Fire and Spirit in 2019 so that she would be able to share what she has learned from her spiritual and religious teachers as well as her practice of Reiki, Intuitive Reading, yoga, and meditation. She has been able to turn her dream, of doing what she loves full time, into reality by combining her spiritual practice with the skills she acquired through her time in college and experience in training, management, and customer service. As a lifelong learner, Ana continues to take classes and trainings that help her grow as a practitioner and develop her skills in order to always be an authentic and effective teacher. Currently, Ana is pursuing certification in somatic healing, mindfulness coaching, and ayurvedic nutrition while completing a yoga teacher training. In addition to this, she volunteers at Pets Alive in Middletown with Sue Maney-Eggleton and is working on a Tarot Forum with Olivia Johnston and Kimberly Pierce. Ana creates her training programs and services based on the belief that mastery over our innate abilities and gifts only comes through acceptance, continued education, and practice. It is her hope and joy to share her practice with others in ways that will support and assist them in their journey to discovering, exploring, and developing their own unique gifts.

Susan Maney-Eggleton
Level II Reiki Practitioner
Owner of Heaven's Radiance, L.L.C. - Reiki Practice
Collaborative Partner with Fire and Spirit

Sue worked in the legal field, focusing on residential and commercial real estate, for most of her work life. After receiving her Level II Reiki Certification through Fire & Spirit, she is transitioning to the health & wellness field through her Reiki practice, specifically. Sue enjoys serving and helping others and making positive contributions to society as a whole. In addition, she regularly volunteers to share Reiki with the animals housed at Pets Alive, in Middletown, New York. In her spare time she has been involved with her church's youth ministries, special projects and mission trips. As Sue's spirituality and desire to help others continues to grow, and has now been coupled with Reiki, she describes her feelings about Reiki as: IFI...pronounced “iffy”. Interesting – Fascinating – Intriguing. She says that Reiki has provided an avenue to help others in a very beautiful, meaningful and gratifying way. She is following where Reiki leads her...and to where she, and her Reiki practice, will be instrumental in making a difference. While continuing collaboration with Fire & Spirit, she has also established a Reiki practice, Heaven's Radiance, L.L.C., in Wurtsboro, New York. In the meantime, Sue enjoys the outdoors and pursues an artistic side – creating acrylic pours, clay figures, ceramic paintings and quilted items, to name a few. She says she is always “Striving to Make a Difference” and she is never bored.

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Jennifer Dwyer
Reiki Master and Owner of Dancing Leaf Yoga and Wellness
Yoga Teacher and Davidji Certified Masters of Wisdom Meditation Teacher

Jennifer is a healer in the medical field of Anesthesiology. She works as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, and was a critical care RN before becoming a CRNA. She is a Davidji Masters of wisdom certified meditation teacher, and a 200hr certified yoga teacher. Jennifer has practiced yoga for many years, enjoying its mind-body benefits. After completing the veterans yoga project training in mindful resilience and trauma recovery in 2017, she began a regular meditation practice that developed a strong passion for sharing the transformative benefits of meditation and yoga. She wishes to empower others to heal themselves and become more balanced, joyful and connected. She is very excited to be a Reiki student and practitioner with Fire and Spirit.

Olivia Johnston
Creative Collaborator and Fire and Spirit Tarot Forum Moderator
Level I Reiki Practitioner

Olivia is an artist and writer from the Hudson Valley who dabbles in many areas of creativity. She centers around visual storytelling and creative writing as her primary sources of expression. Olivia went to SUNY New Paltz for a BA in Visual Arts and Creative Writing. She currently is working as a receptionist/admin for a realtor, though finds time to focus on her passions outside of her job. Olivia loves spending her time drawing, reading, writing, and finding the best local boba tea places.

As a Tarot reader, Olivia is highly intuitive, analytical, and connected to delving further into the meaning of each card. Love, career, life readings, and any topic can be covered. She is available upon requested appointment in-person or virtually. Wisdom and insight fly through each shuffle, feel free to reach out for a booking! 


Kimberly Pierce
Medium, Advanced Crystal Master, Reiki Master, Tarot and Oracle Reader
Owner of Spirit & Stone Healing Arts
Fire and Spirit Tarot Forum Moderator

Kim is a Medium, Hibiscus Moon Certified Advanced Crystal Master, Reiki Master, and Tarot and Oracle Card Reader. It’s her passion to help people connect with their inner truth and tap into their higher guidance. Outside of her divination and healing work, Kim supports women in STEM initiatives through her work as a publisher and is a pottery and jewelry artist in her free time. She is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Fire and Spirit to share her gifts and help others on their journey of self-discovery and healing.

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