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Intuitive Readings

Heaven and Earth Tarot
Gilded Reverie Lenormand
Shadowscapes Tarot
Nature's Whispers Oracle Deck
PIXIE'S Astounding Lenormand
Romance Angels Oracle and A.E. Waite Tarot
Ancestral Path Tarot and Additional Oracle Decks
Heaven and Earth Tarot
The Sirian Starseed Tarot
Universal Rider-Waite Tarot and Additional Oracle Decks

"Every reading I have had with Ana has been spot on and insightful. Whether in person or virtual, Ana has a gift that she has honed with education, practice and natural talent. I have also experienced her intuition and guidance during dream analysis and interpretation. Ana has been able to evaluate a dream scenario and deduce substantial meanings that have been enlightening. I highly recommend working with Ana to implore cognition and accurate results."

Davina Rupp-Trafagander


What to expect from a Reading with Ana

Ana is a certified Tarot Advisor through Biddy Tarot with over 28 years of Tarot reading experience. She approaches each reading with the belief that every person already has the answers they seek and the ability to find those solutions within themselves. By connecting with your current energy, the cards are used as a tool to affirm what you may already be sensing and bring to light that which may be obscured.


An intuitive reading with Ana is like a conversation between friends in a safe environment where you can explore solutions, gain clarity and insight, and receive guidance in whatever areas of your life that concern you. It is Ana's intention that you leave a reading feeling encouraged, empowered, inspired, and enlightened in a way that will help you connect with your own intuition and become more aligned with your highest good.


All readings are for entertainment purposes as they are subject to interpretation and should never be taken as absolute truth or a substitute for professional medical, legal, or financial advice. Although cards can be excellent guides, remember you have free will and every decision you make and action you take can change the trajectory of your life. 

If you are interested in learning how to read intuitively for yourself or others, visit our Intuitive Reading page or contact Ana for more information on our workshops and mentorship program.


"I am consistently amazed with the depth of insight that Ana renders from her tarot. Each reading is unique and the details revealed through Ana's keen interpretation of the card's imagery and meaning have helped me a great deal. I seek out her advice when I am facing a difficult decision or situation in my personal life. I come away with clarity of mind and much to ponder. I highly recommend having Ana on retainer for those moments in life when you need a little perspective."

Jeannine J.

"Ana is truly talented and very thorough when it comes to her readings. Ana has done multiple readings for me which include daily readings, short readings, and longer readings. She is truly gifted! She loves what she does and it shows. Her Reiki touch has also worked wonders for my anxiety. I am very lucky to have crossed paths with Ana."

Jennifer H.

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