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Reiki is... a gentle, hands-on Japanese energy healing technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation. Through a natural, non-invasive process, Reiki gradually brings the body to a state of calm and balance that promotes spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healing as well as an overall sense of well-being. One of the literal interpretations of Reiki is "Spiritual/Universal Life Energy". This spiritually guided energy helps remove obstacles to your health and personal growth, it does no harm, and can leave you feeling lighter, healthier, and more joyous. Reiki practitioners are trained and attuned to connect with and channel Reiki with the intention to hold space and support you through the healing process. (Click here to learn more about becoming a Reiki practitioner)

Reiki is for... everyone and all living things can benefit from it. Whether you're fighting cancer, dealing with chronic pain, feel overwhelmed by stress, want to connect more deeply in your spiritual practice, or need self-care, Reiki is for you. Animals also find comfort, healing, and peace during sessions that can often lead to improved behavior, deeper trust with humans, and overall wellbeing. When we heal, we make room for those around us to heal as well. Once introduced to Reiki, you may experience a transformation in the way you connect with yourself and others.

"Ana is a one of a kind Reiki Master. Not only is she very friendly she is extremely comforting. When I first went to Ana I was dealing with the loss of my father. Ana was able to help me find comfort and peace with his passing. It helped me to stop and reflect on how I was treating myself and body as well as others. I would highly recommend Ana if you're interested in trying Reiki!!" — Casey Cracolici

Reiki Sessions...are available by appointment only and can run from 30 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes in duration based on your needs and goals. No two sessions will be alike and your response to the energy may vary depending on where you are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Sessions unfold naturally to aid you in receiving what you need in the moment, and it is our priority that you feel safe, comfortable, and supported throughout the whole process. As healing is an immensely personal experience, it is encouraged that you create an individual plan with your Reiki practitioner that makes sense for you and where you are on your healing journey.

If you have any questions about Reiki or our volunteer program, please send us a message or contact Ana directly for more information and guidance. 

Are you interested in practicing Reiki for self-healing or would you like to be able to share Reiki with others in a professional capacity? Visit our Reiki Training page for more information.

"Ana and I have been close friends for years. To say I trust her with my life is an understatement. When she told me that she was becoming a Reiki therapist, I found the prospect of her goal intriguing since I didn't know much about Reiki. I knew that all beings vibrate, we are just energy in a physical alignment, but I felt like what I'd heard about Reiki was kinda hard to believe. We can guide our energy with our hands? Really? How does that work? So I was curious when she asked me to try it. My first session showed me its potential. 

When Ana welcomed me into her studio she was her usual warm, charming, vibrant self: enthusiastic, confident, and centered. I don't know what the heck happened after I closed my eyes, but I feel like even if I'd been resistant, Ana's reiki practice would've served me well. I almost instantly felt what I can only describe as a kind of warmth radiating from her hands. Makes sense since temperature is a kind of measure of energy. Her energy connected with mine. We ended our first session with me knowing something real happened. After a few more sessions with Ana I understood the power of reiki therapy. It is a gentle transformation of what makes us. And I think that if it's utilized in concert with its fellow somatic practices, reiki can do wonders for us individually and communally. I hope you try it with Ana. You'll be so glad you did." 

Richie Rosencrans

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