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Usui Reiki Training

Becoming a Reiki practitioner is often more of a calling than a choice. Once you've decided to embark on this journey, your next step is to find the right teacher and training program for you. At Fire and Spirit, we believe that developing a strong Reiki practice takes time and is unique to each individual. For this reason, each training evolves organically, allowing you to set a pace that supports your needs with the guidance of your Reiki Master Teacher. 

All Reiki Training Programs through Fire and Spirit are rooted in the practices and principles of the Usui Reiki tradition and influenced by the teachings of William Lee Rand (ICRT), Kathleen Prasad (Animal Reiki Source), Frans Stiene (IHReiki), and Ana's Reiki Master Teacher, Nicole Miele (Rock & Soul Wellness). By combining these teachings with the insight gained from personal practice, research, and professional experience, Ana created a program that is easy to follow and provides ample opportunity for practice. 


Each training has been designed to introduce and expose you, the student, to multiple approaches and perspectives that will allow you to learn and develop a personal Reiki practice in a manner that is aligned with your own individual belief system and goals. The following components will provide you with a unique training experience and every opportunity to find success in your practice: 


  1. Classes: Through an organized and structured outline, reliable training materials, and class discussions, you will receive detailed information about Reiki, its history, how it works, and how to use it. This will evolve with each level of training.

  2. Attunements, Reiju, and Symbols: During the first class, you will receive an attunement (process through which one's awareness of Reiki expands), symbols (provided in levels II and III), and Reiju (a spiritual blessing) from your Reiki Master at the beginning of each class and share in order to support and foster an environment that helps provide you with what you need for your practice.

  3. Practice and Mentorship: In addition to class time, you will be invited to attend Reiki shares and clinics where you will have the opportunity to practice with others and apply the techniques and tools learned in class with the guidance of your teacher.

  4. Reiki Forum: Once training begins, you will be given lifetime access to our student forum where you can stay updated on current events and connect with a community of Fire and Spirit Reiki practitioners and students.


We believe that Reiki is not a competitive practice but an inclusive one that should be accessible to all and is meant to be shared with anyone who is open to receive. To honor this belief, we offer payment plans and flexible (work at your own pace) schedules to make this practice available to everyone. Students of all levels and backgrounds are welcome here and we look forward, with delight, to share Reiki with you!


"I just recently completed the Okuden Level II Reiki certification class with Ana from Fire and Spirit. As with Shoden Level I, the class was comprehensive and thorough. Ana has incorporated the techniques, history and practice of Reiki in a well-rounded and balanced way. It was the perfect combination of instruction and hands-on practice. The curriculum offers more in-depth training than any other class, which challenged me, however,  has also given me a broader scope of knowledge and a greater confidence in my own practice. 

Ana’s teaching style is one of generosity of spirit and passion. Her love of Reiki and her desire to be a light in this world, by sharing her gifts and expertise, have created the perfect environment for learning, growing and fostering the gifts within those in her class. Ana exudes joy and a love of others and that comes through if you are either her client, student or friend. I am truly grateful for all that I will be taking with me. What a gift!"


Jennifer Mellin

Level II Reiki Practitioner

"I have taken both the Level I & Level II Reiki Practitioner training, and achieved certification, through Ana Mendez at Fire and Spirit: Reiki and Readings. I found Ana to be all of the following: genuine, professional, knowledgeable, thought provoking, confident, caring, compassionate, empathetic, responsive, insightful and supportive. She makes herself available for questions and discussions while both guiding and challenging you through the training process. In my experience, she demonstrates integrity in every aspect of her practice.

I believe the knowledge that Ana has shared, as well as the experience I have gained through the in-person training, instruction and feedback, have been invaluable in preparing me to practice this amazing, wondrous and beautiful holistic healing modality. I am grateful that Ana was my Reiki Master Teacher for these two levels and that she will be for Level III in the near future. I look forward to it."

Sue Maney-Eggleton

Level II Reiki Practitioner

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