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Okuden: Level II - Hidden or Inner Teachings


Starting at $325


3/23 - 3/24 9am - 6pm

About this Training:

The Okuden: Level II Reiki Training is open to practitioners who have completed the Level I training and would like to deepen their practice as well as learn how to offer Reiki treatments to others professionally. This level revisits and further explores the many concepts introduced in the level I training as well as introduces more advanced practices.

What is included with this training:

  • Level II attunement and Reiju

  • Training handouts (same manual is used for Level I and Level II)

  • Access to the Fire and Spirit Reiki forum

  • Option to add the Level II Practicum to the training at a discounted price

Some of the topics covered and reviewed in this level are:

  1. Reiki and how it is used in a professional setting

  2. The first three Reiki symbols and mantras

  3. More advanced techniques and meditations

  4. Distant/remote healing

  5. Hand positions for healing others

  6. Giving a complete session

  7. Using crystals, Oracle cards, and pendulums with Reiki

  8. Animal Reiki in a professional setting

Upon completion of this training, you will have a deeper understanding of Reiki for self-practice and a working knowledge of sharing Reiki with others in a professional setting. You will receive the Okuden: Level II Reiki certificate from Fire and Spirit and lifetime access to the Reiki Forum. You will also be eligible to pursue the Shinpiden: Master and Advanced Reiki Training after at least 6 months, preferably 1 year, of regular practice or completion of the Fire and Spirit practicum.

Practitioners who were certified through another program will need to book the Okuden: Level II Consultation with Ana prior to registration in order to verify certification, review requirements, and receive the training manual and materials (click here to schedule your consultation).


Practicum Option: This training also offers a 12-week extended training and mentorship option through the Okuden: Level II Practicum where you can practice directly with other practitioners and volunteer clients in a supportive environment. This extra time is meant to help you further develop your self-practice while gaining experience and building confidence in working with others on a professional level (click here to get more information on the practicum).

All Reiki Training Programs through Fire and Spirit are rooted in the practices and principles of the Usui Reiki tradition and influenced by the teachings of William Lee Rand (ICRT), Kathleen Prasad (Animal Reiki Source), Frans Stiene (IHReiki), Adelle & Garry Malone (RHA), and Nicole Miele (Rock & Soul Wellness).

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