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Reiki Shares





About this Training:

Reiki shares (or circles) are an integral part of the Reiki Training here at Fire and Spirit. While they are an opportunity for practitioners from all backgrounds to share Reiki, they are also designed to help students become more effective channels of Reiki.

Each share held at Fire and Spirit includes the following components:

  1. Reiki talk: a short discussion on a Reiki topic.

  2. Reiju: a spiritual blessing performed by a Reiki Master for the student.

  3. Meditation: guided Reiki meditation using techniques to help practitioners center, ground, and connect.

  4. Group Session: practitioners share Reiki with each other using their own individual style. Sessions can be on a chair, table, or via distance.

All Reiki shares are free as the energy is equally exchanged and all participants will receive benefits from the session. Shares will either be open to all levels or specific level practitioners.


Reiki Share - Practitioners (All Levels) Alternating Tuesdays 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Reiki Share - Practitioners (Levels II &III) Contact Ana directly for information

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