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Sue Maney-Eggleton

Ki Collective Retreat Facilitator

Sue Maney-Eggleton will lead you through an explorative journey in tactile and sensory creativity using modeling clay.

Sue has retired from the legal profession and is now a certified Reiki Master Practitioner.

Sue has always found art to be an “escape.”  She has taken multiple classes and/or workshops for various types of hobbies over many years.  Whether it involved paper, canvas, clay, ceramics, yarn, glass, stained glass or material; colored pencils, markers, chalks, paint or glaze, the “Zen-like” state she achieved while creating made hours fly by like minutes.  She has found art to be an extremely relaxing, peaceful and rewarding hobby.  Immersion in the thoughts envisioning what you would like to create, determining how you will achieve that result and then proceeding in that effort, and submerging yourself in that endeavor, diverts you from your everyday cares and concerns and transports you to another “realm.”  It is a form of moving meditation.

She aspires to share her love of art and creativity, along with a different way to meditate, in a way that will open a window into what she experiences and hopes to leave you with the desire to pursue your creative side, in whatever medium appeals to you, while, at the same time, surrendering yourself to inner peace.

Sue Maney-Eggleton
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